Free Logo Design Templates for Your Company

Most likely you are starting a small business, company or a family restaurant, and then you realize that the majority of the companies use logos as part of their company and also to help clients in remembering them. Or maybe you are a designer, and you have been hired to create a logo for a particular company.

At times you will lack enough time to create an outstanding logo, and that’s where logo design templates come in hand. The following are some of the best logo templates that you can use, you won’t spend a dime on them, and they are free.

Floral element logo design template

Floral element is a logo template that can be used in stores, beauty products, and salons. It also has a nice and clean look. If you are looking for an outstanding logo brand for your business, try floral element. It also contains Pdf and Ai file formats. The Ai file is well organized and fully layered. You also get the chance to alter with the shapes and colors or fonts in whichever way you want. You have to click on the Adobe illustrator, and you are good to go.

Restaurant shapes logo design templates

Restaurant shapes logo template is the ideal template for restaurants, cooks, fast foods or any business which is related to cooking and eating. This logo is created productively and creatively enabling it to attract visitors. The template can work well on both print and web related projects. Its vector shapes are made using the Adobe Illustrator. In addition to that, it comes with a free Pdf file that is ready to use which is in the downloadable archive.

Squares business logo design template

Square business logo template is ideal for any business. You can use this logo design template for uses such as websites designs, business cards, posters, flyers, presentations, stickers, and t-shirts. The template consists of a few blue squares that are aligned with each other and the yellow color in the middle. This a simple and effective which is sure to represent your business successfully. You can also use this logo design template for both commercial and personal uses.


With these logo design templates, you are saved from the hassle of hiring a professional logo designer. You can easily choose one logo design template that is in alignment with your business and use it to represent your company.


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