The Importance of a Logo Design for Your Business

Reveals your identity

Remember the westerner’s cowboys from long ago who used to brand their cows? They did that so that they could mark ownership. Your logo should do the same thing. It should be imprinted on your business card, website and your products to define ownership. Your logo tells your customers who you are, what your products are and of what benefit they are to the customer.

Invites new clients to get to know you

We don’t live in a dull and dreary world. Most people are drawn to things with exciting design and colour. The logo that defines your brand should be designed in such a way that it will attract the attention of potential clients, pushing them to take a look and hopefully buy something from your business.

Separates you from competitors

 There are specific symbols that represent certain companies and products. For instance, how many pizza stores have you seen with a logo which features a moustached Italian chef with a wide grin and a tall white hat? And holding an oversize pizza in his hands. A good logo describes who you are, but it should also differentiate you from the rest of the competitors. A good logo should be different in all ways.

Facilitates loyalty

Here and then business will redesign its business logo. Reasons for redesigning is to improve their look or to make other necessary corporate changes.  As a marketer, it’s easy to understand this, but it’s quite hard for a consumer to get it. A consumer feels betrayed once a logo is changed, this is because they had already gotten used to that logo. When the logo is changed, the consumer has to accustom their brain to another new logo somewhere else. Every company has to encourage brand loyalty in their business. A logo that’s familiar and easy to recognise will build brand loyalty between your c company and its customers.

Can be everywhere

Placing your logo everywhere that is in your packaging, products, marketing, websites is an excellent way of advertising your company and message continuously. You can promote your brand in the stores, online, in people’s home at school and any other place that you want.


A good logo is important for any organisation as it tells what the company is about and how it is of value to the consumer. Also having an emblem helps in attracting customers to your company.


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